Infinity Canopy Shades Barbara Corcoran’s Beach House

Infinity Canopy Shades Barbara Corcoran’s Beach House

LOS ANGELES - When Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame needed shade for her Southern California beach house, she called Infinity Canopy. After learning about the unique features and modular design of Infinity Canopy, she selected two multi-color canopies, but there were a few challenges to overcome before the project could proceed.

A structure was needed to support the canopies. However, Barbara did not want any beams blocking her amazing ocean views. Moreover, she needed everything installed in time for her Shark Tank party, in just 6 weeks.

In collaboration with local dealer Awnings and Signs Unlimited, a cantilever structure was built to support the canopies with no beams visible from inside the house. The unique steel structure supports two canopies 7 feet wide x 35 feet long featuring alternating Serge Ferrari fabric panels in White and Chick. Upgraded ball bearing cable runners and an easy to use pulley and rope system ensure the Infinity Canopies glide effortlessly to provide stunning and colorful shade to the deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The structure and canopies were installed just in time for the party. Barbara invite Infinity Canopy officials to attend and hangout with the Shark Tank staff and stars. A gracious host, Barbara introduced them to everyone, letting them know how much she loved her canopies and educating them as to what made Infinity Canopy unique. She later purchased additional canopies for her east coast beach house and even wrote a kind review.

“Alan’s [Alan Shargani, founder] love of his product is contagious and his beautiful canopy far exceeded our expectations! The level of service was beyond words and we couldn’t be happier! Don’t bother shopping around,” wrote Corcoran.