ICFA Sales Rep Designs 2021 Membership Pin

ICFA Sales Rep Designs 2021 Membership Pin

HIGH POINT, N.C. – Longtime independent furniture sales representative Tom Nolan has created the winning design for membership pins that will be worn next year by sales rep members of the International Casual Furnishings Association and the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association.

Nolan, who represents Winston Furniture, Gensun and Jensen Leisure Furniture among other lines in the Midwest, will mark a 50-year career as a professional home furnishings sales representative on September 1. Based in Kansas City, Kan., Nolan continues a multi-line, indoor and outdoor furnishings business launched by his father in 1955. He currently services dealers in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, along with Minnesota for one manufacturer.

In a change from the recently popular circular symbol, Nolan opted for a new look in his pin design. “I wanted to express something totally different than what has been used in the past,” he said, noting that the current COVID-19 pandemic influenced his inspiration. “I thought we needed to change the color and shape to create a different message on our lapels,” he continued. “I think everyone is influenced by this disaster, and we’re in it for the long run. I wanted to design a pin that reflects the strength of the organization and the hundreds – no, thousands – of members.”

Nolan attributes his professional success over the years to advice passed down from his father. “He instilled a message in me: Be accountable to your factories, to your retailers and to yourself,” said Nolan. Relating that guidance to today’s marketplace, he recommended, “When the doors unlock, be prepared for a rush of shoppers. The customer has been locked up at home for quite a while. She will have a long list and will have money that’s not being spent on a vacation. She’s a buyer, not a looker.”