Sunbrella Upholstery Outlook Forecasts a Fresh Take on the Familiar

Sunbrella Upholstery Outlook Forecasts a Fresh Take on the Familiar

BURLINGTON, N.C. - At a time when people continue to seek new ways to personalize their homes with a greater focus on comfort, sanctuary, and function, Sunbrella unveils its Upholstery Outlook and latest fabric collection, Emerge, to tell a story about the guideposts that are influencing a wide range of customization in design. Crafted by the global design team at Sunbrella, this forward-looking report provides expert insight into the drivers of consumer interests and how they translate to a new approach to mixing patterns, textures, and colorways in residential home design.

Upholstery Outlook
Gathering inspiration from other industries, cultural observations, and global influences, the Sunbrella design team brings together trend intelligence, design analysis and color forecasting to identify what’s next in the spaces we live, work and play. The overarching theme driving these trends revolves around a sense of belonging, with an evolved mindset for spaces that foster feelings of connection and comfort. The result is spaces that are incredibly personal and as distinctly fresh as they are familiar.

“The design forecast has never been more open as consumers look to find meaning through comforting spaces that feel personal to them,” said Greg Voorhis, executive design director at Sunbrella. “From unique pairings of complementary and contrasting colors to textures that add dimension, there are many opportunities to cultivate spaces that deepen relationships and bring us joy.”

The Sunbrella design team has identified five key color stories that define this Upholstery Outlook:
• Warm & Earthy: Warmer colorways that provide an earthy energy and evoke a sense of nature are making a modern comeback. When layered, sunbaked hues, matted terracottas and sunflower yellows add warmth and depth to create a welcoming embrace. From pillows and cushions, to umbrellas, ottomans and more, these warmer colors are being used as an accent in a variety of applications inside the home and out.
• Green & Grounded: Green is gaining momentum as a result of an increased interest in the versatility and range of the color. Last year, consumers hoped to bring their home outdoors, whereas this year, the trend is reversing with uplifting greens and botanical motifs coming inside the home in everything from paint to pillows. Green hues ground our spaces in security, comfort and tranquility.
• Neutral & Monochromatic: The demand for neutrals has gone beyond white and into warmer hues like ivory and parchment. Entire spaces outfitted in monochromatic neutral tones are equal parts elegant and soothing, while layered textures help create added depth and dimension. For a modern neutral aesthetic, the juxtaposition between warm neutrals and cool grays provides a look that is both polished and pristine.
• Blue & Foundational: Blues are the new foundational color and can be used to create dynamic atmospheres with everything from rugs and throw pillows, to larger pieces like sofas and chairs. Heathered blues add softness, especially when used alongside a saturated navy tone. Blue tones are chic, serene and a staple for homeowners and designers everywhere.
• Edgy & Classic: Black and white will never go out of style and there is an increased focus on ways to scale the pair, from strong and bold stripes that make a statement, to minimalistic grays and muted patterns that are ripe for layering. The enduring combination adds a dramatic element to any space and is especially easy to pair with a wide range of accent colors and metal finishes.

Sunbrella Emerge Collection
The new Emerge collection modernizes traditional patterns, and pairs classic and contemporary hues to embody a fresh take on the familiar. The collection highlights several new yarns in Sunbrella’s repertoire, from calming blues to baked clays, all designed to be paired with modern neutrals. Emerge reinterprets classic patterns with fabrics like Context, which brings an elevated chambray twist to the traditional check, and Detail, a sophisticated, textured reimagination of a polka dot.

“With so many people seeking comfort in their homes, we designed the Emerge collection to provide timeless comfort that still feels fresh,” Voorhis said. “The fabrics in Emerge are highly versatile to fit in with any style and can be easily layered into an existing space or serve as the foundation of a new design.”