New Facebook Group Focuses on Outdoor Furniture Independent Retailers

New Facebook Group Focuses on Outdoor Furniture Independent Retailers

A new Facebook Group for Outdoor Furniture Independent Retailers has been launched by Brad Schweig with Sunnyland Outdoor Living (Dallas, Texas). The idea for the Facebook Group came about shortly after the ICFA Educational Conference in San Diego that was held in February.

“I had some great roundtable conversations at the ICFA Educational Conference as I do at most ICFA events,” Schweig says. “Several of us talked about how it would be nice to chat about common issues as they come up. I started the Outdoor Furniture Independent Specialty Retailers Facebook group with a small number of dealers that I personally knew, and they added people to the group, too. We decided as a group quickly on that it would be just retailers. We know our other partners in the industry have valuable insight to add, but we wanted this to be a private forum for independent outdoor furniture retailers to be able to speak openly.”

Schweig adds, “At first, it was basic topics. What days do people take off, asking about potential new vendors or sources for product, thoughts on the Market move to Atlanta in 2023, etc. In the past week or so, the topic has moved on to the Coronavirus, how it’s affecting businesses, and what people are planning to do (or looking for advice on what to do). The issues that we are facing today are issues that none of us have had to deal with before. We might as well try our best to learn from one another since we are all going through this together.”

To join the Facebook Group for Outdoor Furniture Independent Retailers, go to:


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