Dometic Launches MoBar Premium Range of Outdoor Mobile Bars

Dometic Launches MoBar Premium Range of Outdoor Mobile Bars

CHICAGO - Swedish mobile living expert Dometic is adding to its premium appliance/outdoor living offerings with a new range of outdoor mobile beverage bars. The Dometic MoBar series’ design and functionality are created to entertain. Ideal for residential or hospitality environments, the highly-anticipated product is now available to order in the United States.

The idea for the Dometic MoBar came from an observation that there are no products purposely designed for serving beverages outdoors in a fashionable way. While there are many solutions for food in the market, there is a lack of options in the beverage category.

Dometic is a market leader in the mobile living industry with its solutions for outdoor comfort. The Dometic MoBar was born by combining the company’s leading energy efficient refrigeration technology, proven toughness for outdoor use, and award-winning design capability.

Peter Kjellberg, chief marketing officer and global head of Other Verticals at Dometic says, “Since the pre-launch of the product earlier this year, the Dometic MoBar has gained great traction and enthusiasts from industry partners. We’re pleased to be able to start distributing this much appreciated innovation to the market.”