Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens Launches Outdoor Living Report

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens Launches Outdoor Living Report

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has just launched its annual Outdoor Living Report. The report is informed by insights from a new Harris Poll Survey and trend forecasting from experts like landscape designers Fernando Wong and Keith Williams, brand creative director Daniel Germani, HGTV Star Alison Victoria, and more.

Key findings include confirmation that outdoor spaces are more important than ever, with 82% of American homeowners recently surveyed reported they’re more interested in updating their outdoor living spaces than they were prior to the pandemic. See below for more highlights.

Growing Demand for Outdoor Kitchens
• 65% of American homeowners aged 35-44 cite an outdoor kitchen as very important if they were designing an outdoor space.
• Designer Intel: “In this new landscape, people are committing larger budgets for a comprehensive outdoor experience that caters to cooking, entertaining, and everyday living. Kitchens are now a necessity in these spaces, rather than an element saved for an update later on.’ - Phil Kean, Architect, Builder & Interior Designer President of Phil Kean Design Group

Bolder, More Colorful Outdoor Design
• Homeowners are becoming bolder in their outdoor designs - perhaps seeking inspiration rather than relaxation while many still work remotely. This includes brighter, more playful colors, like reds, yellows and oranges, and taking risks they might not take indoors.

View materials for the full 2021 Color Introductions here

“The mantra for so long has been ‘bring the indoors out.’ As outdoor products’ design now rivals what’s created for interiors, more clients ask to bring outdoor products in — because they know they’ll withstand wear and tear from children and pets. While we see this predominantly in furniture, cabinetry is next—creating a truly seamless design between indoor and outdoor applications.” - Fernando Wong, landscape designer

Investing in Durability
While interiors may provide opportunities to splurge or save, when it comes to outdoor kitchens, homeowners understand the value of investing in durability and resilience—and are willing to pay for the best products available:

• 66% of homeowners cited durability to everyday wear and tear as important in their outdoor kitchen purchasing decisions.
• 65% of homeowners cited resilience to the elements as very important
• Cost came in third, with 58% citing it as very important.