TEC Grills Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the World’s First Infrared Grill

TEC Grills Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the World’s First Infrared Grill

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of TEC Grill’s invention of the infrared grill. In the mid-1970s, Bill Best, CEO and founder of Thermal Engineering Corporation, was focused on industrial paint curing systems that used his patented infrared burner. A personal project – taking a burner from his lab and putting it into a grill for his family – became a full-blown business when Bill discovered that infrared heat didn’t dry out food on the grill. Bill set out to manufacture the best grill out of the best materials made in America, and TEC sold its first infrared grill in 1978. Forty years later, TEC’s first customers are still cooking on their original grills.

“We’ve found that many people associate infrared grilling with high temperature searing. That’s because my first ceramic burners would only turn down to 650°,” Best explains. “This is the technology that you see in our competitors’ infrared grills, which they started using when our patents expired in 2000.” The newest generation of TEC grills features a 100% infrared grilling system that slow cooks, smokes, and sears.

Says Best: “We’ve perfected a grilling system that features a high-temperature glass plate under the grates and a stainless-steel burner that allows you to turn the grill down to 200° and slow cook or smoke for hours or turn up to 900° and sear a steak.” It’s an incredible temperature range that enormously expands the potential for infrared grilling, and it’s 100% infrared. The original ceramic burners cooked with about 35% infrared energy and 65% hot air. The end result in the new grilling system is noticeably juicier food.”

TEC Grills Points of Differentiation:
 Patented 100% infrared grilling system dramatically distinguishes TEC grills from other infrared grills.

•  Incredible temperature range: slow cook at 200°F or sear at 900°F. 

•  Food is noticeably juicier – 35% juicier. Hot air from the burners never reaches food to dry it 
out – the glass plate between the burner and grates radiates infrared energy and blocks hot air. Because TEC grills cook with 100% infrared energy, food retains up to 35% more of its own natural juices and remains tender and juicy. 

•  Reduce cooking time by as much as 50%. Chicken breasts that would normally take 18-20 minutes on a regular gas grill are finished and juicy after 9-10 minutes on a TEC grill. 

•  Innovative accessories that maximize the full potential of the technology. Pizza oven racks, smoker/roasters, griddles, and infrared grill pans bring life to the meaning of #grilleverything. 
All TEC grills are made in America in Columbia, South Carolina. The craftsmanship is beautiful: handcrafted, contoured hoods and sleek, sophisticated designs made of the highest-quality 304 stainless steel.


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