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Phifer Team Comes Full Circle to Bring Inspired Designs to Life

Phifer Team Comes Full Circle to Bring Inspired Designs to Life

TUSCALOOSA, AL - Scan the aisles of any shoe store or racks of any clothing outlet and you’ll quickly notice a pattern or trend. Whether it be colors similar in tone or shirts identical in style these runway-inspired looks influence everything from the way we dress to the way we decorate our homes, including our outdoor spaces.

Phifer Incorporated’s design team, currently in the midst of a busy development season, takes similar cues to help create new outdoor furniture fabrics for each season and provide programs that complement customers’ products and address their needs. Spring is the most creative time as months of research, including travel to key trade shows and conferences such as Maison & Objet and The Casual Furniture Market, culminates in the creation of color palettes and key pattern motifs that the designers anticipate will have the broadest appeal.

These palettes are used to generate custom offerings of more than 300 Phifertex® Outdoor and GeoBella® Indoor/Outdoor High Performance Fabrics and given consideration as a stocking program where customers can purchase rolled goods directly from Phifer. Design Director Monica Thornton notes that mid-century looks are trending this season, adding, “You can expect to see more organic shapes as geometrics and a sleek modern approach to color.”

Keep an eye out for this look among other design styles as influences in Phifer’s bustling Fall Fabrics range, a comprehensive line of color presented to customers during the fall season. From these meetings, customers can select fabrics to be produced as “custom programs” and are given exclusivity to these designs.  The design team also works closely with customers to identify any new manufacturing concepts that will require new fabric development.


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