Three Birds Casual - New Product Intro For 2023

Three Birds Casual - New Product Intro For 2023

COLUMBIA CITY, IN – For their first major product intro of the year, Three Birds Casual will be displaying their new colorway of the popular SoHo collection at Casual Market Atlanta (Building 1 3-C6A) this July.

The SoHo collection, a modern take on utilizing grade-A teak in conjunction with powder coated aluminum will now be available with a black frame, completely altering the aesthetic of the set and introducing the collection into an entirely new sphere of design.

“We are extremely excited to add this new colorway to our lineup and expect it to fit perfectly in modernly designed spaces.” Said Tad Varga, president of Three Birds Casual. “We just can’t wait to see how people use it.”

The new collection will feature dining tables and chairs, counter-height tables and chairs, and more; allowing the construction of a cohesive space.