Celebrating Patio Season with Personalized Covers

Celebrating Patio Season with Personalized Covers

With the pandemic forcing everyone to stay home, people are spending a lot more time in their patios. The increased use means a lot more wear and tear to the outdoor furniture and appliances. It is important to safeguard these patio essentials with a good quality cover. Cookie cutter covers do more harm to the products than protect as they work with generic dimensions. Good quality covers not only protect from rain, dust, bugs, abrasions, UV rays and more, but also extend the life of your patio purchases.

Covers and All is one of industry’s biggest brands for customized covers, offering a large range of products. Whether it’s a DIY furniture piece or an oddly structured show piece, Covers and All can protect them all with their customized, hand-made covers that are environmentally-friendly and provide the highest level of protection with top-notch fabric and multiple tie-down options.

As one customer pointed out - they “fit like a glove.” Their extensive product categories include covers for everything from furniture to fire pits, sports equipment, grills, pools, TVs, gardening tools, decorative pieces and much more. Almost anything you want to cover up in your outdoor space, Covers and All can custom create a cover for it.

Additionally, all of these covers can be personalized too with colors, names, designs or logos. So whether you want to pick a theme for your covers that matches the rest of your surroundings or you want your favorite sports team’s logo or your family name on the covers, it can all be done. The covers beautify the patio and protect valuable patio purchases when they’re not in use.