New Stylus Cara Elite Fireplace and Napoleon App

New Stylus Cara Elite Fireplace and Napoleon App

BARRIE, ON — Fireplace technology has evolved immensely, with consumer convenience at the forefront. Napoleon is prioritizing home functionality and accessibility, with the release of the all-new Stylus Cara Elite electric fireplace. The Stylus Cara Elite brings more than ambiance and comfortable temperatures to a room —it is built with Smart Technology, enabling voice control through Google Home and Alexa devices and controls that are fully customizable through the newly introduced Napoleon Home mobile application.

“The Stylus Cara Elite offers a new and innovative perspective on fireplaces,” said Garry Scott, vice president of Marketing. “The Stylus Cara Elite and the Napoleon Home mobile app are built with innovative and design-forward technology, allowing consumers to maximize convenience and recognize the benefits of a connected lifestyle. All at a cost-effective price, nonetheless.”

The Stylus Cara Elite, which will arrive in stores March 14, is a cutting-edge electric fireplace that goes beyond the basic functions. Installation is simple and inexpensive, and the wall mount design will complement any living space in the home. The heat level, flame colour and ember bed colour are fully customizable, to match any room’s style and create instant ambience. Plus, the fireplace has a display that communicates the time and date, along with the indoor and outdoor weather conditions. The display automatically updates the information of local conditions through a Wi-Fi connection.

When paired with the new Napoleon Home mobile app, the Stylus Cara Elite allows consumers to manage the features of the fireplace — and other compatible Napoleon products, such as the Napoleon EQHub Thermostat —  from anywhere, at any time, all within one simple and user-friendly smartphone application. The Napoleon Home app is designed to embrace diversity within Napoleon products, and allows for personalized options to match the consumers’ individual style, desired atmosphere and comfort.