Napoleon Touts: A Grill You Can Pass Down to Grandkids

Napoleon Touts: A Grill You Can Pass Down to Grandkids

CRITTENDEN, KY — Purchasing a Napoleon Grill isn’t just buying a new barbecue for your backyard. With an all-new, bumper-to-bumper warranty for 15 years on all parts and lifetime warranty on major components, it is an investment in your outdoor living space, and better meals for years to come.

Applying to all Legend and Rogue grills, the 15-year bumper-to-bumper warranty covers every ignition system, burner, sear plate, knob, cooking grid and every other part — right down to the tiniest screw. Napoleon Prestige and Prestige PRO models are now offered with a lifetime warranty on major components, as well as the 15-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all other elements of the grill.

“When you buy a Napoleon barbecue, we are going to be best friends for a very, very long time,” says Stephen Schroeter, co-CEO of Napoleon. “We are turning your barbecue from something you had to replace every so often to something you can pass on to your grandkids.”

Napoleon has been producing quality barbecues for more than 25 years, taking pride in manufacturing grills that can withstand seasonal changes and continually cook exceptional meals with even heat and helpful features like infra-red searing grills and rotisserie burners. The new warranty puts that confidence in writing for consumers.

“Napoleon continually challenges the status quo by delivering products with a high level of innovation, quality and performance,” says Schroeter. “We are backing that up with our new warranty. We are striving for an unsurpassed customer service experience that is hassle-free and easy to understand.”


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