Mini-Twenty Container Program

This year, Erwin & Sons has made direct importing available to virtually anyone with its new 20-foot container program. The Mini-Twenty™ program allows single-store retailers, hotel and resort contractors, and others to import premium all-weather furnishings directly from the manufacturer. This is an ideal opportunity for those who need warehouse quantities, yet want better-than-wholesale prices; the company calls it the no-brainer container. The program opens the door for businesses that otherwise could not buy directly and also shaves off thousands of dollars in inventory and costs.  More important, it allows for multiple furniture styles, individual items, finishes, and tabletops in each 20-foot container. There are also no limits on fabric selections for Erwin’s Leisureluxe™ Supreme Comfort cushions. Erwin & Sons’ exciting new looks for 2010 can be seen at Casual Market, booths 8-1111 and 8-1114. Contact: (770) 579-0414 or www.erwinandsons.com.


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