Eight-rib Market Umbrella With Collar Tilt

FiberBuilt Umbrellas offers a collar-tilt option on its 9-foot–diameter, eight-rib market umbrella. Construction features include FiberBuilt’s wind-resistant flexible fiberglass ribs; its molded nylon joints, hubs, and end tips; and its crank lift mechanism. The two-piece, 1.5-inch diameter aluminum pole is available in champagne bronze or black finishes. The canopies can be specified in an array of marine and furniture-grade fabrics to complement any decor. FiberBuilt’s commitment to providing durable, contract-grade umbrellas to the residential market allows the company to supply products that are competitively priced, yet they feature superior structural integrity, making FiberBuilt the ideal partner for all of your umbrella needs. Contact: (866) 667-8668 or www.fiberbuiltumbrellas.com.


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