M&G DuraVent Gets Approvals for PolyPro Venting Systems

M&G DuraVent has received more key approvals for PolyPro venting systems. Bryant 900 series, Carrier 59 series, Day & Night 90+, Heil 90+, Keeprite 90+, Payne’s 2012 models, and Tempstar 90+ furnaces have all approved the use of PolyPro singlewall, concentric, and flex products with their appliances.

PolyPro is an engineered system specifically designed for venting heating appliances. Gasketed joints require no primers or adhesives and easily assemble in seconds, with just a splash of water. Terminations are designed for superior performance in poor environmental conditions. PolyPro is tested and listed to the ULC S636 standard in Canada and rated as a class IIA, IIB, and IIC vent system.

PolyPro offers the only double-wall polypropylene flex in the United States, making it durable for relining masonry chimneys and factory-built chimneys—and useful for relining Bvent pipe when retrofitting it to use as a chase. PolyPro is superior in performance and easier to install than PVC or chlorinated PVC pipe. PolyPro has been successfully venting appliances in Europe for close to 20 years.