Brown Jordan International Announces Expansion Plans

Brown Jordan International, the parent company of Brown Jordan, Winston, Charter, Wabash Valley, and La-Z-Boy Outdoor, has announced a multimillion-dollar capital-investment plan to expand manufacturing capacity. The capital investment will be made in its Haleyville, Alabama, facility and is consistent with the company’s strategy, over the past two years, of investing in technology and equipment that will prepare it for increased demand in its North American manufacturing facilities.

Gene Moriarty, Brown Jordan International’s president and CEO, comments, “We are very optimistic that the growth we have seen over the past 12 months is an indication of a recovery in the housing market, as well as an explosion in both the multifamily market and hospitality and lodging remodels. We are well positioned in both the commercial and residential markets to benefit from this recovery. The increased demand has required us to increase our workforce in three of our U.S. facilities. We see this trend continuing in 2013, and we are fully prepared to take advantage.”

The capital investment will focus on modernizing the Haleyville facility in a way similar to what has been done at other Brown Jordan International facilities. State-of-the-art equipment and machinery will be deployed throughout (including robotic welding, automated buffing and grinding, and highspeed powder-coated paint processes). Moriarty adds, “We anticipate beginning to hire for the Haleyville facility sometime in the summer of 2013. This facility will service Brown Jordan International brands and will be very important in our growth plans. Obviously, we have a lengthy history in Haleyville and appreciate the talents of the workforce there.”