A Hot Add-on for Retailers

The common denominator of popular-priced gas barbecue grills and high-end solid-stainless models is the worry over stains, drips, and grease and what they can do to a deck, dock, porch, patio, or pool surround. DiversiTech has introduced The Gas Grill Splatter Matâ„¢ to give the customer real, low-cost relief from a high-ticket potential problem; in the process, DiversiTech has given retailers an easy, high-margin add-on sales item. Made in the United States, The Gas Grill Splatter Mat protects the surfaces under gas grills, covers existing stains, and is easy to clean. It is also reversible, and it will not harm composite decking. The standard 30x48-inch size enables it to fit under most


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