Innsbrook Vent-free Insert

Just in time for the heating season, Empire Comfort Systems has introduced an all-new fireplace insert to turn an existing vented fireplace into an attractive and efficient vent-free zone-heating system. Available in remote-ready millivolt and built-in thermostat models, the Innsbrook vent-free insert is rated at 28,000 Btu per hour—enough heat to warm a typical 40x40-foot living space quickly. The insert includes a handpainted log set, a banded-brick liner, and an automatic variable-speed blower. Select from three accessory surrounds (one cast-iron and two steel styles) to help conceal the fireplace opening. An assortment of replacement louvers, available in four styles and four finishes, helps match the insert to the home’s decor. The Innsbrook fireplace insert will operate without electricity to provide heat during power failures.  Contact: www.empirecomfort.com.


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