Wearbest Weavers Shifts Gears to Support PPE Shortage During COVID-19 Crisis

Wearbest Weavers Shifts Gears to Support PPE Shortage During COVID-19 Crisis

GARFIELD, N.J. - Wearbest Weavers, LLC, a technical textile producer located in Garfield, New Jersey, has long supplied fabrics to the health-care industry—with microbe and bacterial resistant upholstery product used in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

These durable textiles are also bleach cleanable and are not harmed by other hospital- approved disinfectants that fall within CDC recommendations for killing germs.

While the current global health crisis elevates, health care workers have been put at greater risk due to the shortage of basic medical supplies. In response, the company is working towards weaving for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)—with a focus on gowns, surgical masks, privacy curtains and other necessary items. This unexpected situation has caused a paradigm shift. Leadership quickly realized that the bleach cleanable product they already use can be recreated to address the urgent needs now— all while staying within a benchmark to keep people safe.

Greg Thomases, vice president of Wearbest parent company Swavelle added: “We’re viewing this like a national call to action. We gathered our management team together to discuss what we can we do to help, both morally and functionally. We are fortunate to have a US mill, and are able to take something we’ve always done (weave healthcare related product) but re-engineer the fabrics towards this need.”
Working with local government, Wearbest has been granted permission to run without interruption at this critical time. To enable a finished product, the company is actively seeking out domestic partners who have workrooms or cut + sew capabilities.

“As a US-based manufacturer, we are proud to have the ability to contribute to the safety of the dedicated personnel fighting the global pandemic of COVID-19,” Thomases added.


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