New Heat Control System from Ortal Provides Powerful Option for Redirecting Fireplace Heat

New Heat Control System from Ortal Provides Powerful Option for Redirecting Fireplace Heat

CANOGA PARK, CA – Ortal has introduced an innovative option for redirecting heat from Ortal fireplaces – the Ortal Heat Control System. The Ortal Heat Control System can transfer a portion or even a majority of the heat generated by an Ortal fireplace to other rooms within the home or directly outdoors to reduce indoor temperatures.

Available only for Ortal fireplaces, including the new Wilderness Collection, the Heat Control System is ideal for both cold and warm climates. In colder environments, the system can be configured to allow homeowners to direct heat to other rooms, providing comfortable temperatures throughout the home. In warmer regions, homeowners can design the Heat Control System so they can enjoy the ambiance of a flickering fire by venting a portion of the heat outdoors.

Unlike other, underpowered heat-management kits on the market today which are incapable of transferring enough heat to significantly alter in-room temperatures, the Ortal Heat Control System offers two fan options, including the industry’s most robust fan. The Premium Fan can move a massive 1,175 cubic feet of air per minute for maximum heat dispersal, ideal for large Ortal fireplaces. For smaller Ortal fireplace units, a Standard Fan is available, capable of moving 196 cubic feet of air per minute.

“Designing an exceptional fireplace is where we start at Ortal. Creating superior features and options that make our fireplaces more beautiful and more usable truly sets us apart,” said Kevin Rantin, vice president of Sales and Marketing, Ortal Fireplaces. “The new Heat Control System delivers the temp-controlling, heat management capabilities that make our stunning Ortal fireplaces comfortable to use any time of year.”

The new Wilderness Collection with patent-pending Firelog Technology delivers the only lifelike log-and-flame experience available today, providing a luxurious, warm ambiance with all the convenience of gas or propane, and without the mess or lingering smell of a wood fire. Firelog Technology produces unparalleled, campfire-like flames by allowing the gas to flow directly within the log media, resulting in a taller, more realistic flame.