Napoleon Celebrates Safety Milestone in Canadian Manufacturing Plant

November 21, 2011, marked a safety milestone for Napoleon Appliance Corp. (NAC), manufacturer of Napoleon®gourmet grills. On this date, it had been officially three years since an injury in the workplace had caused any loss of work time. Judy Hamilton, NAC’s health and safety coordinator, announced the milestone, along with fellow Joint Health and Safety Committee members Bob Martin, Leanne Rice, and Delphine Laughlin.

Local dignitaries joined NAC to congratulate the company on its accomplishment. Jeff Lehman, mayor of Barrie, Ontario, arrived to thank NAC’s associates. “I can only say, to you all, congratulations for the professionalism it takes to achieve this sort of accomplishment. You’re not only an incredible company for your products, but also for your involvement in the community,” he says.

As NAC was celebrating this achievement, it unveiled a new chromed-up addition to the Prestige® line, the 500 series. Jim McLean, director of sales, introduced the series with inspiring words. “We’ve been very successful, over the past few years, with our 450 series. Our new 2012 production of innovative, terrific products will blow the socks off our competition. Since its introduction, our customers have called the new 500 series the Weber eater,” he says.

In recognition of the safety milestone and the unveiling of its new line, the Schroeter family (owners of NAC) donated the first 500 series grill off the line, valued at $1,000, to an employee raffle in which contributions were made to the Salvation Army. All employees were given a stainless-steel Napoleonlogo thermos as a gift and a free barbecue luncheon as further thanks for their hard work.