Elmira Stove Works Pays Homage to Ukraine with Inaugural Color of the Year Campaign

Elmira Stove Works Pays Homage to Ukraine with Inaugural Color of the Year Campaign

ELMIRA, ON – Elmira Stove Works, a manufacturer of premium vintage-style appliances and woodburning cookstoves, has selected two boldly saturated hues for its inaugural Color(s) of the Year – the distinctive Blue and Yellow of the Ukrainian flag.

Elmira’s decision to choose Blue and Yellow went beyond color. When Elmira found itself in the midst of a labor shortage earlier this year, the company hired several displaced Ukrainian nationals to work in its Arnprior, Ontario manufacturing facility. The experience was the inspiration to choose the colors of the Ukrainian flag as Color of the Year.

“The biggest news story of 2022 has been the war in Ukraine and the plight of the Ukrainian people,” said Tony Dowling, vice-president of Sales & Marketing for Elmira. “For our first Color of the Year, we wanted to honor the power and resilience represented by the vibrant colors of the Ukrainian flag and to show support for those impacted by the ongoing conflict.”

Adopted as the national flag shortly after the fall of the USSR in 1992, the Ukrainian flag symbolizes the independent spirit of its people. The eye-catching and energizing blue and yellow hues mirror the sky, streams, mountains and golden wheat fields that make up the country’s rich landscape.

In conjunction with the Color of the Year campaign, Elmira has partnered with Ontario-based Danby Appliances to help local Ukrainians displaced by the ongoing conflict.

For every Elmira Stove Works major appliance purchased in November and December, Elmira will purchase a Danby microwave to donate to the Circle Home Furniture Bank, powered by Danby. Danby will then ensure that these units make it into the hands of a Ukrainian family in need in the Elmira / Guelph, Ontario area.

The partnership between the two brands evolved naturally when Danby CEO Jim Estill approached Elmira several months ago to see if there was an opportunity to collaborate on a project. Noted Dowling, “Through some brainstorming and research, our companies uncovered mutual interests. It seemed like a natural fit to expand the Blue and Yellow Color of the Year initiative into a charitable effort.”

Since 2015, Danby has sponsored and supported hundreds of refugees fleeing humanitarian crises.

“The Ukrainian conflict is one the most pressing issues currently facing the world, and the people of Ukraine are facing many challenges as they begin their new lives,” said Jim Estill, CEO of Danby. “It made sense that Danby Appliances would get involved to help those impacted, as we strive to ‘Do The Right Thing’ in all aspects of our business.”

To be eligible for one of the microwave donations, Ukrainian families in the Elmira and Guelph areas are asked to register by emailing Shawn Herman at

Elmira Stove Works’ Northstar and Heritage product lines are available in Ukrainian Blue or Yellow, or in Blue/Yellow combinations, as a custom option.