Cowboy Cauldron to Debut the Dude at HPBExpo

Cowboy Cauldron to Debut the Dude at HPBExpo

For those who want to add to their outdoor adventures, look no further. The Dude is here. Utah-based Cowboy Cauldron announces the launch of its newest cauldron, The Dude. This Dude is the perfect strike. It is the ultimate portable firepit and grill combo to accentuate any outdoor adventure. As the smallest among the Cowboy Cauldron products, the Dude is lightweight, convenient, mobile, and affordable (available at $899).

Combining functionality with an impressive durable design, the Dude weighs a mere 35 pounds. Made from solid plate steel fire basin, this unit is a compact 24 inches in diameter and built specifically for easy assembly and transport. Suspended from a tripod frame, the basin can be elevated to any height using an adjustable chain. The Dude has segmented legs similar to tent poles that break down conveniently to fit in the trunk of your car. A charcoal grate, cooking grill, and rain cover are included.

“You can grill, smoke, or enjoy the benefits of an open fire with friends,” says Mike Bertelsen, founder, designer and owner of Cowboy Cauldron. “I’ve never been anywhere that didn’t allow a Cauldron, fire restrictions notwithstanding. They are clean, efficient, and nestle charcoal or wood deep within the basin. The suspended design and isolation of the heat makes them the most versatile device on the market.”

As a former Washington, D.C., lobbyist, Bertelsen found his calling after years of camping with friends and cooking meals using a large cast iron pot. Now more than 10 years later, Bertelsen has been successful in designing what some claim to be the finest cauldrons in the world. However, he wanted to design a unit that was smaller, portable, and affordable.

The Dude is the result of five years of rigorous research, testing and development. “It was vital that the Dude be of the same high quality and caliber as our larger cauldron models,” Bertelsen explains.

Whatever your weekend getaway may entail, the Dude is fully equipped with everything you need to cook, grill, or simply enjoy good conversation around a crackling fire. Check out the Dude and all of the Cowboy Cauldron products at HPBExpo, booth #300. Or contact M’Lissa Story, (970) 708- 1137, email, and visit