Couristan To Unveil New Area Rugs At High Point Market

Couristan To Unveil New Area Rugs At High Point Market

HIGH POINT, N.C. - Designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of aesthetics—with versatility, and durability in mind—Couristan is adding a fresh infusion of organic designs in a variety of looks to its handmade and machine-woven area rug assortment. With several new collections—as well as numerous line extensions—all set to launch at the High Point Market (April 13 – April 17), Couristan is showcasing its new direction with statement-making style as their hallmark for 2024.

During the show, dealers may see Couristan’s latest introductions by visiting the company’s space G-6000A, Salon (Suites at Market Square). Construction on a permanent showroom in the hugely popular IHFC building is scheduled to begin in May of this year.     

With close to 50 area rug selections now available, the company’s latest introductions feature distinct looks that are reflective of current trends in color, pattern and texture. Colors are warm and cozy, playing off each other for a striking finish.  “We are seeing color used in a very subdued way – almost as an additional accent to the neutrality of it all. Colors complement the designs without being in your face or over the top, but they are there, and they are fabulous,” Marlys Giordano, vice president of Product Development for the company.

“Our goal is to be able to offer several new collections at each market, with a renewed emphasis on handmade products. Couristan has become known for its outdoor offerings over the years, and we really want to show the arc of that product by introducing collections that are unique and speak to our 98-year legacy, as well as harkening back to how we began: in handmade rugs,” stated Giordano.   


The Simone and Hancock Collections are each handmade of 100% natural wool; left undyed; these pieces take on an added “something” that makes them truly special and 100% sustainable.

  SIMONE: (Hightail Image: 6115/2564 Lyra-Cream/Mocha)
-Handwoven of 100% natural wool; undyed and sustainable
-Woven in a dhurrie construction, these rugs emulate a kilim weave with a laid-back feel
-Designs are simple linear and abstract patterns to highlight the beauty of the weave
-Available sizes: 5’x 8’, 8’x10’, 9’x 12’

HANCOCK: (Hightail Image: 5904/1801 Altai-Natural)
-Hand-knotted of 100% natural wool
-Knotted in loose construction, featuring a cut/pile finish that adds textural elements to geometric and transitional motifs
-Casual feel in a hand-knotted technique allows these pieces to work in multiple environments
-Available sizes: 5’6” x 8’6”, 7’6” x 9’6”, 9’ x 12’

Norway and Ciora (pronounced “hoyera”) are monochromatic hand-knotted collections that rely on a high/low texture to give the pieces depth in a tonal palette.

Norway: (Hightail Image: 6323/2822 Stavern-Oatmeal)
- Hand-knotted of 100% undyed, natural wool
- Knotted in a larger-knot construction with high/low and textural elements to add depth and a nubby finish
- Minimalist designs allow the beauty of these handmade pieces to shine through
-Available sizes: 5’6” x 8’6”, 7’6” x 9’6”, 8’6” x 11’6”

Ciora : (Hightail Image: 4165/3001 Dunes-Wheat)
-Hand-knotted in a chunky construction, utilizing carved elements for added texture
-Ciora is the Gaelic word for “sheep” and is the perfect moniker for this collection of knotted rugs, as the back features a loomed finish reminiscent of a sheep wandering the Irish countryside
-Geometric and abstract designs adorn these thickly knotted pieces giving them a modern feel in an earthen color palette
-100% wool
- Available sizes: 5’ x 8’, 8’x 10’, 9’x 12’

Colors are restrained, relying on washed out reds, blues and ochre to give designs an antiqued, old-world feel. Kalbarri is our newest collection of printed rugs on a handwoven blended base of wool; the look of this group is Persia meets Joshua Tree, allowing these pieces to work in multiple environments.

Kalbarri : (Hightail Image: 4772/5001 Dez-Turquoise/Multi
-Hand-woven of the softest blend of wools, including rich New Zealand wool
-Digital printing on hand-woven rugs gives these pieces the look of a higher-end antique hand-knotted
-Traditional designs with a modern twist, these rugs feature beautiful Persian-inspired motifs in fashion-forward color palettes
- Fringed edges
-Available sizes: 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’, 9’x 12’

Outdoor rugs are seeing texture and color used in unique ways. The Liguria collection emulates its handmade counterparts with a rich cut/loop pile construction allowing it to transition beautifully from outside to in. The Fez collection follows this trend, utilizing a neutral color palette in blues, greys and browns in designs that range from fresh takes on traditional to geometric and transitional. This collection gives the feel of a modern heirloom.

FEZ: (Hightail Image: FE23/3434 Souk - Earthen)
-Machine-woven of the softest 100% polyester, these rugs are inspired by Turkish antiques
-Transitional and soft contemporary designs give these anywhere/everywhere rugs the ability to toggle effortlessly from indoors to out
-A warm earthy palette allows these pieces to work in any environment from transitional to traditional to contemporary and everything in between
-Available sizes; 5’x 7’10”, 7’10” x 10’10”, 9’x 12’ 

LIGURIA: (Hightail Image:LIG1/1001 Sarzana-Dove Grey )
-Machine-woven of 100% Courtron™ polpropylene, in a high/low construction emulating handmade cut/loop pile technique
-Transitional and soft contemporary designs give these anywhere/everywhere rugs the ability to toggle effortlessly from indoors to out
-Soft neutral motifs are highlighted by space-dyed accents that work in multiple environments
-Available sizes; 5’3”x 7’6”, 6’6” x 9’6”, 7’10” x 10’10”, 9’x 12’1”