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Unique, Clean and Easy Stainless Venting

Stoves that burn wood pellets and corn have reached amazing heights of technological sophistication over the past few years, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and clean burning. A stove or fireplace, however, is only as good as its venting system, and this is where the technology of Selkirk’s Direct-Temp product line comes in (and goes out, for that matter).
Direct-Temp from Selkirk is UL/ULC listed as a venting system for pellet-burning appliances, as well as for gas stoves and fireplaces.

Direct-Temp not only serves this fast-growing segment of the home-heating market (as well as traditional gas-appliance users), but is two vents in one unique, completely enclosed, single-stack venting system. There is an inner pipe that allows exhaust gases to vent, and there is also an outer vent that supplies fresh outside air that has been preheated to maximize the efficient combustion of both older and leading-edge fireplaces and stoves. The preheating of the outside combustion air before the cool air enters the hot firebox is a key requirement for pellet stoves; this makes the stoves work better, with less maintenance and fewer service calls.

The Selkirk Direct-Temp inner pipe is made of 304 stainless steel to provide exceptional corrosion protection from the burning of wood pellets and corn. In addition, some of the common components used in corn-burning applications have been upgraded to 316 stainless steel. These are higher grades of steel than those used by other vent makers. The use of a high grade of stainless steel for the inner pipe also permits precision manufacturing tolerances, and this means tight seals and added structural integrity. Outer walls are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and are available in powder-coated black or unpainted versions.

Leakage is a huge concern, as flue gases leaking into the fresh-air supply could potentially be recycled back into the stove. Energy-efficient appliances can also create negative atmospheric pressure in the home, preventing those appliances from venting exhaust gases correctly. To defeat leakage and negative pressure, the Direct-Temp liner has a continuously welded seam, superior to lock-seam designs that may leak. Connections also feature a proprietary silicone woven-fiberglass gasket to prevent any leakage of the products of combustion, including the fly ash produced by pellet burning.

Direct-Temp is literally a snap to install. It needs only 1 inch of clearance from combustibles and is ideal for both sidewall and through-the-roof venting solutions. Chamfered edges allow slide-together assembly. Heavy-duty centering brackets keep the inner pipe centered, making assembly easy. Brackets also allow the inner pipe to float, allowing for expansion and contraction. Centering brackets are not welded or riveted in place, creating a more attractive outer jacket and smooth profile. The free-floating inner liner allows the pipe to expand and contract at high temperatures without creating gaps or stress points in the system. Perhaps best of all, Selkirk’s unique LocTab needs just a push of the tab to lock sections of pipe together securely, allowing 360-degree rotation. No messy sealant is needed. The result of easy installation is a clean-looking, single-stack system. This means that the installer needs to cut only one hole (either 4x6 5/8 inches or 5x8 inches) in the wall, not two.

Direct Temp not only offers ease of use, maximum safety and excellent value, but also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Selkirk Corp. is a leading manufacturer of venting products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Current operations include locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Selkirk has been supplying the finest venting products for over 80 years. For more information, visit www.selkirkcorp.com.


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