Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet’s Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven

Handcrafted of stainless steel, Kalamazoo’s easy-to-use, gas-fired countertop Outdoor Artisan pizza oven helps you cook like a professional. The arched top reflects heat down on the toppings to cook them quickly and thoroughly, while the professional baking stone delivers a perfect crust. Designed to come up to temperature quickly, the gas burner delivers a broad temperature range (from 250 to 800 degrees) for baking everything from deep-dish pizzas to ultrathin and crispy Neapolitan-style pizzas. The integrated smoking drawer imparts the flavor of a wood fire. Overall, the oven is 27.5 inches wide, 20.5 inches deep and 18 inches tall; it is available for use with liquid propane or natural gas. Contact: (800) 868-1699 or www.kalamazoogourmet.com.


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