303 Patio Furniture Cleaner and Protectant

303 Products, Inc., announces two additions to its line of products for patio-furniture care. According to the company, these products are the best way for the consumer to keep patio furniture and fabrics clean and looking like new. The new products are for teak, plastics, polyethylene, vinyl, fiberglass, epoxy and other composite resins, powder-coated metal and stainless steel. 303 Patio Furniture Cleanerâ„¢ safely removes leaf stains, bird droppings, tree sap, berry juice, wine, barbecue smoke, oil and grease, and it rinses residue free. 303 Patio Furniture Protectantâ„¢ leaves a like-new finish that repels soiling, body oils and suntan lotions. It contains powerful UV screening to protect against fading. Both products are nontoxic and biodegradable. Contact: (800) 223-4303 or www.303products.com.


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