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Beachcomber’s Aquacoustics Surround Sound Performs

Keith Scott, Beachcomber’s Hot Tubs’ founder, says, “Our buyers expect quality and good taste from Beachcomber. Our product blends into their living space with style and grace.” This aquatic sound system uses state-of-the-art sound components hidden deep within the acrylic shell. New-technology sound units are strategically placed inside the spa cavity. Together, they push the sound through the water and into the bather, bringing you closer to the music you love than you ever thought possible. This is unlike a traditional stereo experience because you can actually feel the music, while you soak in warm, massaging water at the same time. Contact: (800) 663-3779 or


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Quebec & Maritimes

Amantii Electric/Sierra Gas products, part of Canned Heat Inc. is looking for experienced sales representatives. Technical experience a bonus. Other lines permitted.

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