Woodard Announces Acquisition Of Minson’s Mallin Brand

Woodard-CM LLC signed a deal in principle to acquire substantially all of the assets and business of Minson Corp.’s Mallin premium outdoor-furniture brand. Woodard will operate Mallin as a separate division while combining Mallin’s operations within existing Woodard departments. Under the terms of the agreement, Woodard acquired certain Mallin assets and intellectual property. Woodard began integrating Mallin’s operations upon closing, in July.

John Mares is president of Litex Industries Ltd., Woodard’s parent company. He says, “Mallin is an exceptional brand and a great strategic fit for Woodard. I see both companies benefiting from the combination, sharing best practices, and building on the success and reputation of each other’s brands.”

Kenneth Chen, president of Minson, says, “We look forward to positioning the Mallin brand for future growth under the dedicated team at Woodard. Woodard is a tremendous brand, and Mallin will have the opportunity to flourish as a premium outdoor brand in combination with Woodard.”


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