Watermark Living Team Surveys Textile Trends At Winter Showtime

Watermark Living Team Surveys Textile Trends At Winter Showtime

LARGO, FL -  The Watermark Living team, headed by Ashley Newton, executive vice president, recently returned from the winter 2018 Showtime market. Held in High Point, NC, the team surveyed over two dozen indoor and outdoor textile collections in preparation for the spring 2019 outdoor living season.

Newton, joined by Stephanie Martin, special projects, Watermark Living, examined thousands of textile designs and constructions between December 2nd and 5th, in an effort to make performance selections for its wholesale and retail customers.

“We are excited by the many designs, patterns, and programs that we were able to review in one place,” said Newton. “Our commitment to attending markets like this one in High Point allows us to see what is trending ahead of any in-store visits as well as get an idea of what is occurring across the entire textile industry.”
With appointments covering each day of the show, the Watermark Living team was able to examine new and existing vendors, additional areas of note as well as preview colors and patterns that are slated for outdoor living in 2019.  In design trends, Newton notes that Aztec, Native and Geometric patterning were on display in multiple showrooms as well as more embroidered patterns or woven fabrics that mimicked embroidery details. Trademarked performance fabrics being used for indoor applications also was a growing trend as well as a proliferation of cut yardage programs. 
“The number of vendors offering cut yardage was significant,” says Newton. “I would say the vendors are doing all they can to meet different customer needs and expand who they are able to service.
Exciting showrooms for Watermark Living’s team were Z-Woven, Alfresco, Valdese Weavers and Glen Raven with each addressing new designs; but also the call for multiple colors within a single pattern. 
“We continue to see blue in combination with greys as a popular color way especially in performance textiles,” says Martin. “The hues that are then used to accent this combination travels all across the color wheel from neutrals to brights.”


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