Ultrafabrics® Invites You to Touch the Future in First International Showroom

Ultrafabrics® Invites You to Touch the Future in First International Showroom

LONDON - Ultrafabrics is a progressive brand based on a hybrid of American and Japanese expertise. The performance fabrics combine master-craftsmanship with pioneering technology to offer transformative tactile experiences for consumers across a broad spectrum of industries.

The vision behind Ultrafabrics’ first international showroom was developed by Danish interior design powerhouse, OEO in collaboration with creative strategist Teke Busk. The concept was to create an inspirational destination that pushes the boundaries of how fabrics are showcased and used, creating a bold, dynamic and unique spatial experience with a strong narrative that appeals to the human senses.

The Quiet Power of Nature
The design draws on perceptions of nature with an abstract Japan-inspired twist, which reflected the brand’s heritage and is brought to life in the subtle details of the high-quality craftsmanship, delivered by UK/Tokyo based construction company, EDO. The zoning of the showroom ambiances has been carefully worked out to offer a journey, inspired by the elements of nature: water, fire, earth and air.

“We wanted to go beyond a traditional showroom format to deliver an engaging brand experience that speaks to and elevates the senses, while showcasing the creative potential of the fabric.” - Clay Rosenberg CEO, Ultrafabrics

Designed to inspire, communicate and stoke curiosity, the bespoke elements include tactile art installations masterfully twisted into organic and poetic shapes as well as highly functional pieces that borrow inspiration from Japan. The choice of materials throughout the showroom ranges from crafted ash wood to aluminum, two materials that combine beautifully with the fabrics.

“OEO specializes in a design style rooted in a Japan-meets-West combination of craftsmanship, quality, style, functionality and attention to detail, which perfectly fits with the brand.’ says Creative Strategist Teke Busk, ’not to mention the fact that OeO works with long-lasting materials and high-quality components, which support Ultrafabrics’ focus on sustainability.’

The vision of the Ultrafabrics company is for the showroom to serve as a stimulating and inspiring collaboration space for clients and a creative hub for the design community from the UK, Europe and beyond. Ultrafabrics is excited and proud to open the doors to the first showroom and with it — a whole new world of intelligent fabrics. The Ultrafabrics showroom will open during Clerkenwell Design Week 22-24 May, 2018


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