Two Grilling Enthusiasts Solve a 60-Year-Old problem

Two Grilling Enthusiasts Solve a 60-Year-Old problem

PLANO, TX - Pretty much everyone (97% according to market research) thinks it’s safer to turn off the propane tank after grilling. Propane & fire safety organizations universally recommend this practice. And if you look closely in almost any manufacturer’s gas grill manual you’ll find something like “Be sure to,” or “Always remember to,” turn off the propane tank between uses. Why is this recommended? Simply put, turning the tank valve off is the surest way to prevent leaks. Yet despite our best intentions and industry recommendations, most of us, still, don’t turn off the propane every time we grill. Why?

Propane tanks on grills (not to mention patio heaters, gas fire pits, etc.) are almost always hidden away inside the grill or behind a fascia – out of sight, out of mind, right? In addition, the tank is generally right under a blazing hot grill, in a place that is often greasy & dirty, putting you in harm’s way when bending over & reaching precariously for the knob. In other words, it’s easy to forget, unsafe and inconvenient. Since their introduction over 60 years ago, gas grills have had this problem. Everyone knows we should turn off the propane, yet until now, no one has ever provided a safe, convenient & memorable way to accomplish this. Knob Where You Need It! solves this 60 year old problem.

Brothers Adam & Cory Civilla invented & developed Knob Where You Need It! to alleviate the pain of hard-to-reach, easy-to-forget propane tank knobs. While grilling with friends one summer, Adam complained about having to reach under & around the grill to turn off the propane. “Why can’t you do this from a place you can reach?” he wondered. His friends agreed, but challenged him saying, “Yeah great idea, why don’t you do something about that?” So he did. And now grillers across the country can do something about it too!

Knob Where You Need It! allows you to add safety & convenience to any propane grill in just minutes. Customer Andy Gagliardi said it, “Took more time finding the tools needed in the garage than actual installation.” You install it right on your control panel or side shelf, right along with your other controls. So when you go to turn off your burners, you remember to turn off the propane too; and it lets you to do it in a safe & convenient way. This elegantly simple solution to an age old problem had James Carey of the Carey Brothers On the House radio show searching for words, “This product that we’re about to discuss is absolutely…I’m freaked out…this…is amazing…”

Knob Where You Need It! finally gives gas grill users complete control of their grills and represents the first significant functional advancement to the grill control panel since the adoption of push button ignition in the 1980s.

“Right now, Knob Where You Need It! is only available as an aftermarket propane grill accessory and can be installed on almost any existing propane grill. However, we are currently seeking & evaluating

OEM partnership opportunities to make Knob Where You Need It! available on new propane grills as well. In the end we’d like to see this innovative safety enhancement as standard equipment on all propane grills.” – Cory Civilla, CEO, Knob Where You Need It!, LLC.


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