Top Dog Outdoor Living Announces Its Online-commerce Initiative

Sharon DeFelice, founder and president of Top Dog Outdoor Living, announces the launch of her new company, which features an e-commerce outdoor-living site for consumers and hospitality design (HD) market professionals interested in purchasing midrange and high-level products. DeFelice was formerly the CEO and cofounder of Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living. She resigned from that position earlier this year.

“We are proud to be answering the call from consumers, buyers, and HD professionals for a site that will be the ultimate showcase for all things outdoor,” DeFelice says. The company’s Marketplace for Outdoor Living is a one-stop outdoor online destination that distinguishes itself by featuring a comprehensive array of fine quality products and increasing exposure to the consumer market while linking to password-protected sites for the hospitality industry.

“We are creating a site that is easy to navigate and beautiful to view. The spectrum of products showcased on the site will be unparalleled. Unlike other sites that feature a variety of things for outdoor living at all quality levels and price points, ours will appeal to consumers, buyers, and HD professionals looking for something of outstanding value and fine quality—whether it’s a product for outdoor cooking, patio furniture, garden decor, a firepit, a storage shed, an outdoor canopy, a gazebo, or a fountain, just to name a few,” DeFelice says.

All vendors that place products in the Marketplace for Outdoor Living will benefit from increased exposure and sales when the marketplace incorporates additional sites, providing multiple avenues for consumers and HD professionals to access their products. “By participating in one site, vendors will have their products automatically included in all others,” DeFelice says. “The additional marketplace sites will be designed around major product categories to support search-engine optimization, boosting opportunities to increase traffic.”

In addition to free participation on the site, The Marketplace for Outdoor Living will give vendors the opportunity to invest in other promotional opportunities, including the Featured Product of the Week and special sales. The website will launch for the spring/summer season of 2012. To place products in the Marketplace for Outdoor Living (or to obtain more information), contact DeFelice at (215) 561-1122 or


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