The Tesla of Electric Fireplaces: European Home Introduces New High-Tech Line

The Tesla of Electric Fireplaces: European Home Introduces New High-Tech Line

MIDDLETON, MA – European Home, manufacturer and distributor of innovative and contemporary fireplace products, has debuted their new electric fireplace line.

Electric fireplaces are a lot like electric cars. We understand the logic: they’re eco-friendly, save on fuel costs, and are a very practical choice. But the fact remains, they never got our heart pumping the way an engine-revving classic muscle car does. 

That is until the Tesla electric car debuted and changed the way we look at transportation. The same will be said about European Home electric fireplaces.  With sleek modern lines, elegant app control, and stunningly realistic flame effects, this is the electric fireplace you can finally get excited about. 

What is an Electric Fireplace Exactly?
Electric fireplaces mimic the look and feel of a wood or gas fireplace without the need of an actual flame.  Instead electric “flame effects” are created largely by the use of multi-colored lights, though the appearance and execution of these effects can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Since there is no flame or venting, heating is entirely optional and extremely efficient.  This is especially beneficial in commercial applications where a fireplace may run continuously 24/7 and comfortable indoor temperatures must be maintained.  Lastly, electrics are considered the safest type of fireplace as they do not emit any fumes, do not require a gas line, and are highly unlikely to cause burns even when the heating option is being utilized. 

According to Holly Markham, president of European Home, “For years the technological evolution of fireplaces was stagnant and for good reason. Nothing can completely replace the feeling of a wood-burning fireplace. However, in recent years, through innovation and advances in technology, we are coming closer than ever.”  European Home is committed to innovating the highest quality electric fireplaces, with the most realistic flame effects, on the market today.

Why Choose an Electric Modern Fireplace?
●  Eco-Friendly – Featuring an no emissions flame effect and your choice of these modern linear styles: single sided, corner and bay (3-sided).
●  Flexibility & Safety –  Install almost anywhere in your home or commercial space.  No need for venting, no harmful fumes and the heater is completely optional so you can enjoy your fireplace during any season. 
●  Plug & Play – No running gas lines and no chopping logs, simply use the electricity already running through your walls.

Whether you have a tiny house, high-rise condo or expansive hotel lobby, there is a European Home electric fireplace perfect for any application.


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