Telescope To Host Educational Seminar at HPBExpo

Telescope To Host Educational Seminar at HPBExpo

Telescope Casual Furniture will hold an hour-long educational seminar on the benefits of adding outdoor furniture and accessories to existing hearth businesses at 12:30 p.m. on March 7 at HPBExpo in Nashville, Tennessee. This elective course will feature current hearth and patio retailers, and the discussion will focus on turning seasonal sales into year round profit and growth.

The featured retailers will discuss how they have been successful in increasing profitability by driving more (and new) traffic—both into their stores and to their websites— using additional product offerings. The discussion will include the benefits of adding this product category and how to overcome challenges involving space, employee training, and maintaining updated inventory. Telescope’s retailer panel will share how to generate positive cash flow in the off season and will demonstrate how the patio category complements established hearth operations.


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