Telescope Casual Furniture Taps Talent for Board, Retail Sales, Sales Management

Telescope Casual Furniture Taps Talent for Board, Retail Sales, Sales Management

“We are very pleased to announce the addition of two key members of our management team to our Board of Directors”, says Kathy Juckett, CEO. “Chris Ettori, our vice president of Manufacturing, has over 23 years of experience at Telescope. Chris has worked in nearly every capacity in the factory en route to his current title and has impressed us in every way possible. His talents as VP of manufacturing made his appointment an easy decision for us, we are certain he will give us great direction and guidance.”

“We are also excited to promote Greta Pisani, not just to the position of retail sales manager, but also to appoint her to our Board of Directors as the first member from the 5th generation of family members to join our board”, says Henry Vanderminden 4th, president.” Greta brings not only 9 years of sales and marketing experience, but also brings that millennial generation to the board.  She is well-liked by our customers, respected by our sales team and management and has that family passion and drive to keep our company a success well into the next generation.”

In addition, company officials tapped Matt Pisani for the position of national sales manager. “We recognize the rising talents of Matt, who after just 3 years has risen from assistant contract sales manager to contract sales manager, Matt quickly became one of the go-to managers for more than just contract. He was also sought after overseeing warrantee claims and being consulted on retail opportunities. Matt is a natural at sales management and an excellent choice to lead our sales team,” says Henry 4th.  In his new broader position, he will oversee all sales for the company, work with and support Greta in her retail efforts and continue as the manager of contract sales.


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