Sunbrella Launches Multiplatform Ad Campaign

New print ads, videos, and a website celebrate worry-free living through the Sunbrella® Live Free Style campaign. Through the perspectives of an imaginative child and a practical parent, the campaign draws attention to the many ways that Sunbrella fabrics are used in everyday life.

Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Sunbrella fabrics, says, “We believe that people will relate to this campaign on many levels—as parents, homeowners, and individuals who enjoy the relaxing moments in life. With Sunbrella, the possibilities are endless, and this campaign highlights those aspects of creativity and imagination.”

Developed by Wray Ward, the campaign includes print ads that incorporate aspects of the furniture, awning, and marine markets served by Sunbrella. Each ad features a QR code that takes visitors to a stop-motion animated video that brings the ad to life and offers additional information on Sunbrella fabrics.

John Roberts, creative director at Wray Ward, says, “This campaign allowed us to push creative boundaries and show Sunbrella fabrics in a completely different light. It allows consumers to look at Sunbrella fabrics with new eyes.” Three ads from the campaign have been released, with additional ads expected in coming months. The print ads will appear in trade and consumer publications throughout the year.

Settings for each ad were built using Sunbrella fabrics, showing the range of colors, textures, and designs available. In BMX, the first ad released, a young boy rides his bike through a rough terrain of boulders, rocks, and a flowing stream—all made from Sunbrella fabrics.

A new website ( provides behind-the-scenes footage of the campaign’s creation. Two-minute videos tell the story of each ad (from the artist’s sketch to set building) while providing glimpses of the Sunbrella creative team and the finished product. “Live Free Style stays true to the Sunbrella brand promise of delivering a powerful combination of beauty, durability, and worryfree living for the moments you’ve earned,” Wicker says. “We are excited to share the campaign with Sunbrella fans and with those new to our brand, both consumers and the trade.”


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