Silver Rocket Charcoal Grill from Sunrise Metal Gains Momentum

Silver Rocket Charcoal Grill from Sunrise Metal Gains Momentum

TOPEKA, IN – From humble beginnings in Hoosier country, the Silver Rocket charcoal grill from Sunrise Metal has enjoyed substantial growth since its inception five years ago.

“Since most charcoal grills are ceramic and break easily due to their inexpensive components, the grill experts at Sunrise Metals were inspired to design and create a high quality, long lasting, ultra durable charcoal grill created out of 304 stainless steel materials,” say company officials. “They focused on things like optimal heat containment and quick start up times. They were successful, and the impressively quick start-up time is what makes the Silver Rocket the crown jewel of charcoal grills currently available today. Another strong feature of the Silver Rocket grills is that they are manufactured from nearly unbreakable 304 stainless-steel with high temperature thermal insulation between the two walls of stainless steel.”

The American outdoor grilling experience appears to be trending toward charcoal, according to Lee Miller, a customer service and marketing rep for Sunrise. “People love the improved, unique taste of meat that has been prepared over a bed of charcoal,” notes Lee. “The grills are designed with a most appealing modern exoskeleton. Indeed, it appears as if the aesthetics of this attractive grill could prepare steaks, burgers, and sausages without any help from incendiary sources.”

The Silver Rocket has an expansive line of premium products to assist in the overall grilling experience. Everything from indirect heat plates and rib racks to insulated beverage containers. Sunrise Metal Shop has also expanded their product line to include outdoor stainless patio furniture and indoor/outdoor high-end kitchen range hoods.

Sunrise Metal Shop is located in Topeka, Indiana, and currently consists of 20 employees dedicated to providing an excellent outdoor cooking experience.

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