Serge Ferrari Launches 2019 Sling Offerings

Serge Ferrari Launches 2019 Sling Offerings

Serge Ferrari has launched its 2019 collection for two sling mesh fabrics: Batyline Duo and Batyline Iso. The company consulted with European designers and color experts to produce a more sophisticated and trendsetting color palette compatible with all design styles. The 28 colors of the Batyline Duo range and the 31 colors of the Batyline Iso range are now stocked and available in the Pompano Beach, Florida, warehouse.

Batyline Iso is Serge Ferrari’s original sling fabric and a standard in the industry for the last 30 years. Coated high-tenacity polyester yarns are threaded one in warp and one in weft for a square-weave pragmatic construction. Most fabrics in the Batyline Iso range continue to use a single color in the weave to further accentuate the simplicity. The 2019 collection is the first launch in the range to offer a twocolor weave. Raffia (green and white) and Mist (blue and white) offer a checkered pattern within a simple construction.

Batyline Duo provides a fabric with more complexity and artistry. Colorists carefully chose two or three colors per fabric and these coated high-tenacity polyester yarns are woven one thread in warp and two in weft. The result is a distinctive, more complex look with three-dimensional depth. The Twist range creates even more interest and depth by twisting the threads for a random weave, speckled effect. Serge Ferrari has pushed the envelope to create unique works of art: Duck combines brown, blue, and teal; Avocado incorporates a light and dark green with beige; Cruise combines blue and dark gray.

“Designers and furniture manufacturers that have previewed this collection are very excited,” says Laurent Pellequer, market manager for Furniture and Hospitality. “Innovative designers are asking for innovative fabrics. Our team has worked hard to deliver this.”


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