Secure Stack® Pro Installed at McGill University in Montreal

Secure Stack® Pro Installed at McGill University in Montreal

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a project successful. What may seem like a minor detail from one perspective, can prove to be quite the opposite for an owner or engineer. This attention to detail can create opportunities for manufacturers and representing sales firms to distinguish themselves. The installation of Security Chimneys’ Secure Stack Pro venting systems for two new emergency generators at McGill University in Montreal, Canada is a great illustration of satisfying a client by providing solutions and “going the extra mile.”

Secure Stack Pro positive pressure chimney pipe was selected to exhaust flue gases for two newly installed Caterpillar natural gas generators. Security Chimneys was the only manufacturer that could meet the client’s strict installation and delivery deadline. The generators were needed to provide power during emergencies and peak usage periods for a dozen buildings located on the University’s lower campus. Two runs of CIX2 double-wall stainless steel duct with 2-inches of wool insulation were chosen and installed on the generators in a brand-new two-story powerhouse.

With a wall of windows on each side and a green roof on top, the new powerhouse, funded in part by Canada’s Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, was anticipated as a showpiece for the University. The installation, while not complex, was unique in that it required two lengthy runs of horizontal duct inside the powerhouse space. Lateral tees (45° tee with integrated 45° elbows) were used to ensure proper flow rates at the transition between the horizontal and vertical duct.

A Very Meticulous Engineer
Although the space was tight, the installation was completed easily under the careful guidance of Distech, even though the contractor had never installed a Security Chimneys’ exhaust system before. Jocelyn Hamel, Superintendent of Inspectus Construction, the installing contractor, liked the solidness of the product and the self- centering design of the duct, which he believed helped facilitate installation on the tightly scheduled project.

The only issue, per a very meticulous engineer, was a slight disparity in size between the outer wall of the CIX2 and the chimney of the generator. This resulted in a tiny gap at the bottom of the duct at the connection point between the pipes. The gap did not impact the performance of the installation but because the duct was horizontal, it did give the appearance of a slight misalignment. In a typical vertical installation, there would be no visible disparity in the alignment.

To remedy the situation, Dion was asked to redesign the outer sleeve of that one section of the vent, decreasing the diameter from 20 5/8-inches to 20 1/8-inches, making the part flush with the part extending from the generator. A custom diameter part was designed and built for each generator duct run.


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