Sean Steimle Assumes Role Of CEO At HPC

Sean Steimle Assumes Role Of CEO At HPC

Hearth Products Controls (HPC), a leading gas firepit manufacturer, recently announced that Sean Steimle has assumed the role of chief executive officer. Previously, Steimle held the position of chief operating officer. In a related move, Greg Steck, former CEO and president, has assumed the role of director of engineering.

This organizational change is the concluding step in a transition that was initiated in 2018 when Steck sold majority interest in the company to a group of Daytonarea investors, which included Steimle.

“Since joining HPC, I have been continually impressed with the products and people at HPC, as well as totally convinced of its enormous potential,” Steimle says. “With Greg’s help in engineering, our new product development efforts will continue to lead the industry.”

“I am genuinely excited about this change,” Steck adds. “HPC has been a big part of my life since I joined the company in 2005, and it’s thrilling for me to see the changes that Sean has put in place to take HPC to the next level.”


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