RSSA Vintage and Elmira Stove Works

RSSA Vintage and Elmira Stove Works

What defines family, success and a genuine love for the past’s retro style is the relationship that RSSA Vintage and Elmira Stove Works have nurtured for the past two decades. Located in Anaheim, California, RSSA Vintage is a family owned company dedicated solely to vintage-style home improvement. Similarly, Elmira Stove Works is a four-decade family business focused exclusively on manufacturing retro and antique appliances. Both of these companies share a passion for all things vintage, which has been the foundation of their longstanding successful partnership.

“Elmira Stove Works is where old world craft meets modern amenities. I feel so lucky to know and work with this company and the people behind the product. It’s clear they take pride in every piece they produce,” said Allahbakhshi, owner of RSSA Vintage. “I have always had a passion for the style and craftsmanship of past eras. I miss that attention to detail in so many things that are manufactured today.”

Syna watched her father work as a pharmacist while also doing light construction projects on the weekends. Syna attributes much of her success to her parents, who would take her and her brothers and sisters to the shop, and to visit vendors to pick up orders. That early experience instilled in her an invaluable sense of business and inspired her to follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Serving as the proprietress of RSSA Vintage, Allahbakhshi loves to work with retro-inspired appliances and has designed a variety of diverse spaces using vintage pieces – from a century old log cabin in Montana to trendy modern lofts in downtown Los Angeles. The business combines her love of the hunt for the ‘perfect piece’ with creating beautiful spaces.

“With their nostalgic design and cheerful colors, retro style appliances make it easy for people to personalize their kitchens to reflect their taste and personality. When you walk in to a bright and cheery kitchen every morning, you can’t help but smile,” said Allahbakhshi.

Allahbakhshi earned a Bachelor of Business degree from California State Fullerton with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship, which has helped her to bring a freshness to her own work. Her greatest success to date is running RSSA Vintage as a separate independent company in California.


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