Pit Boss Grills Partners with BBQ Bob

Pit Boss Grills Partners with BBQ Bob

Pit Boss Grills has partnered with BBQ Bob (Robinson), an unofficial barbecue celebrity and the man credited as being the godfather of pellet grills. Born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri, BBQ Bob found his barbecue roots early on and helped create the barrel lid that pellet grills are known for today. Not only has BBQ Bob won many barbecue competitions, he has also cooked at a legislative picnic and has helped raise national awareness for the pellet grill segment. He was the first pellet grill retailer in the Midwest through his stores in Kansas City. BBQ Bob stopped competing in the mid-1990s, but in 1998, he made a cameo appearance on a team with Fast Eddy for the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Competition. They were the only team using a pellet grill at that time. “I am proud to be part of a company that is helping make a 200-year-old tradition available to everyone,” Robinson says. “Not only are Pit Boss Grills bigger, hotter, and heavier than other grills out there, the company has a solid foundation in family and friendship.”


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