Pellet and Wood Stove Tax Incentive Petition

The purpose of this petition is to provide tax incentives for consumers who use pellet stoves. The owners of pellet stoves are using a renewable energy source to heat their house. This cuts back on the amount of oil and other expensive non-renewable resources used in the country for heating and other needs. Incentives are already given out for using solar and/or wind energy, but this form has largely been overlooked and left out. Recently there was one incentive in Massachusetts that did provide a tax break when purchasing pellet stoves, but this was allowed to expire. While it was still functioning however it helped to stimulate the purchasing of this resource leading to lower cost heating for many purchasers as well as increasing the amount of “green” and eco-friendly energy being produced and used long term. Given the hundreds of thousands of people who use these stoves it is only reasonable that a long term tax break or incentive be given to purchasers under a similar system given to those using wind and/or solar energy.

Please give your support to these products and the many people using them by working to create a functioning incentive for pellet stove consumers. Doing so will create a greener world, stimulate the economy and provide savings for many in the years to come.

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