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Ortal Showcases San Francisco CCS Architecture Newest Residential Design

Ortal Showcases San Francisco CCS Architecture Newest Residential Design

CANOGA PARK, CA - Ortal, the leading custom fireplace brand, is pleased to showcase a recently completed, luxury residential project with CCS Architecture.

For the home, located in San Francisco, the designer Cass Calder Smith stated, “My thinking regarding the design for the fireplace and the wall was that with the very minimalistic interior we were creating, a fireplace wall that would be equally minimal but would serve as a subtle explanation point for the residence was key.”

The dramatic view within the expansive home looking to the outside hilltop vista, meant that the architectural fireplace design specifically needed to integrate with that perspective. The CCS architect continued, “The floating wall with indirect light around all sides made the design sensibility light rather than heavy.”

The Ortal fireplace itself within this new home is about a clean aesthetic, represented by a simple rectilinear wall enclosure. “I very much like the long thin proportion of the Ortal fireplace, which we then enhanced with steel book shelves that extend from the frame. The small amount of books is a subtle reference to library walls with fireplaces in them,” concluded Cass Calder Smith.


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