Olympia Chimney Supply Receives SHARP Certification from OSHA

Olympia Chimney Supply Receives SHARP Certification from OSHA

SCRANTON, PA - Olympia Chimney Supply Inc. has qualified for OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). Per the OSHA website “SHARP recognizes small business employers who operate exemplary injury and illness prevention programs”.

“Olympia began working with the PA OSHA Consultation Program in February 2015.” said Anthony Tuttle, Health, safety and environment officer, Olympia Chimney Supply Inc. “The consultant identified issues with machine guarding and procedural documentation. We soon realized that we needed to build a new injury and illness management system from the ground up.”

Over the course of the next sixteen months, Olympia worked diligently with OSHA officials to correct all identified issues. Initially starting with physical changes to the equipment and, in some cases, complete equipment upgrades. This effort led to instituting formal policies, standard operating procedures and direct training programs, with input collected from every operator.

“Employees saw the changes being made and engaged with the safety efforts by joining our review and analysis meetings and sharing insights they gained from their hands-on experience.” said Tuttle. “By partnering with Pennsylvania OSHA and the OSHA On-site Consultation SHARP, we not only exceed national standards for safety, we also stand out from our competitors as a best-in-class workplace for our employees. As a result, Olympia continues to see consistent reduction with our DART and TRC rates year after year.”


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