Ñuke Pampa Argentinian-Style Gaucho Grill Touts Fine Heat Adjustments

Ñuke Pampa Argentinian-Style Gaucho Grill Touts Fine Heat Adjustments

Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke Pampa is an Argentinian-style gaucho grill designed to bring a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions on the Argentina Pampas (prairies). Joining the Ñuke lineup as an affordable option, the Pampa is constructed of heavy-gauge steel, and lined with heat-refractory bricks that focus the heat on the 547-square-inch grill grate.

The removable split grate allows easy access to the lower section of the grill where the charcoal or real-wood fire is built. When the coals are ready to cook, the Pampa’s entire grill surface can be raised or lowered with its external adjustment arm to make fine heat adjustments throughout the cook. Using the included poker and shovel, grillers can pile coals for direct high-heat searing, or spread those coals thin for low-and-slow techniques.

The Pampa includes its rugged stand with two swivel casters for easy portability, and an attached steel lid can close to encapsulate the heat and protect against wind. The MSRP on the Ñuke Pampa is $699. Preorders will open shortly, with those shipments and immediate delivery orders starting in February.


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