Newly Created Acadia Hearth Builds Momentum

Newly Created Acadia Hearth Builds Momentum

SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN - Acadia Hearth is a new venture begun with the considerable support of the venerable United States Stove Company (USSC), a 149-year-old business with firm roots in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Kent Roeder, general manager and vice president, Sales and Marketing, Acadia Hearth and Breckwell, acknowledges that competition is heavy, but he sees plenty of opportunity. Patio & Hearth Products Report (P&HPR) sat down with Roeder to talk about the genesis of Acadia Hearth, new products on the horizon, and how USSC is helping the fledgling company to get a firm foothold in the market.

P&HPR: How does Acadia Hearth fit into the specialty hearth market?
Kent Roeder, general manager and vice president, Sales and Marketing, Acadia Hearth and Breckwell: There is an open niche in the specialty hearth market. There are great companies out there all selling in their own special way. There is enough business out there to dive in and carve out our own niche based on the resources that Acadia has available. We’re a company that has something to offer to the consumer in a manner that the current offering can’t provide. We’re very confident in that.

P&HPR: How is the backing of United States Stove Company helping to make the process go more smoothly?
Roeder: The acquisition of Breckwell from USSC allowed for a wide arrangement of support from USSC; however, Acadia Hearth, LLC was actually formed by a group of investors based in Wyoming. Acadia Holdings has provided the working capital and up-front investment for what is already proving to be a successful initiative.

As far as any backing from USSC, Richard Rogers and August S.L. Jones from USSC are among a number of investors who have helped form Acadia. As strategic shareholders, they do bring obvious resources including warehousing and OEM opportunities. The investment group was obviously looking for someone with experience to guide this specialty hearth company and I have been given the opportunity to lead Acadia as the general manager and vice president of Sales & Marketing.
P&HPR: What are some of the new product introductions planned?
Roeder: In the direct vent gas market, Acadia will initially be introducing two different sized inserts, one fireplace, two linear fireplaces, free standing gas stove, and a vent free gas stove. Through our Breckwell line, we will be introducing our newly patented non-electric, gravity-fed pellet stove, along with revamping the entire Breckwell product offering to bring a more complete line-up to our dealers and distributors.

We will also offer a line-up of gas patio heaters, fire pits, and patio furniture that will be stocked, sold, and shipped as needed to alleviate the need for large early buys forcing dealers to stock large amounts. We are truly offering a wide range of quality products sold through distribution to dealers at a phenomenal price. We want our customers to achieve great margins.

P&HPR: What type of dealer support programs are available and/or being planned?
Roeder: Acadia plans to sell through distribution all over North America. We are in discussion with key partners but do have some openings in specific areas. Please contact Kent Roeder at 1-833-Acadia1(222-3421) or email We will also have all of the normal dealer programs with aggressive burn programs and are open to ideas from customers that will cement our partnership for years to come. Our website and social media outlets are under construction, but we will be launching them by the HPBA Show. Stay tuned.

P&HPR: What type of presence will Acadia Hearth have at the HPBExpo in Nashville this March?
Roeder: Acadia Hearth has secured an indoor booth #2256 in Nashville and look forward to showing off our new product line and discussing opportunities with all of our customers.

P&HPR: How is your experience in the industry helping with the new company?
Roeder: I have been involved with all phases of gas specialty hearth over the past 18 years. Years of design, marketing, sales, and management have put me in a great spot to help guide this venture. Adding the opportunity of including a renowned brand of solid-fuel heating like Breckwell further gives me the advantage to take this venture to the next level.


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