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New EasyChef EC30 II from Sierra Products Makes Debut

New EasyChef EC30 II from Sierra Products Makes Debut

CARSON CITY, NV - Sierra Products Inc is introducing a new line of EasyChef™ Gas Grills. In addition to the complete line of Outdoor Hearth products, SPI’s EasyChef™ Grills are design engineered to provide maximum consumer value. 

Each EasyChef gas grill is manufactured from commercial grade Type 304 Stainless Steel including SS Cooking Grids, Easy-Lite H Style Burner System & Self Cleaning Ceramic Briquettes. Company officials designed and built the first EasyChef Grill in 1996 and it is still in use today.

Features include; EasyChef Grilling System- EEGS Designed to provide quick balanced heat and grilling surface temperatures over a wide operating range. Rotary Spark Ignition that utilizes a rugged rotary multi-spark igniter to start the grill quickly and easily.

No Battery Needed and built thermometer is designed to assist for reliable temperature control. Multiple installation flexibility with a full range of installation options allows users to select the one that best suits their needs.


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