Mont Alpi Gains Momentum in Outdoor Kitchen Industry

Grill manufacturer Mont Alpi (Lake Forest, California) has grown substantially in recent years as consumers discover the company’s full range of high- quality products and superior customer service. To learn more about the company’s outdoor kitchens, Patio & Hearth Products Report recently sat down with John Hartwig, founder and CEO.

What are some of your latest product launches this year and in recent years?

Hartwig: Mont Alpi’s latest launches are the two new outdoor kitchen islands: MAi805D and the MAi805BSS. These are the stainless steel deluxe island and the black stainless steel island.

What grills are your biggest sellers? Why do you think they have done so well?

Hartwig: The islands are, without a doubt, our best- sellers. I think the main reason for this is that the quality-to-price ratio is perfect. Every single component of our grills is 304 stainless steel. I believe that a lot of companies are really overcharging for islands. The 805 series offers a real “bang for your buck” and many unique selling features. The granite surfaces and side panels introduce a new outdoor kitchen look. The fact that the islands are on wheels is another huge feature. The 805 is a combination of an expensive static island and a large barbecue carted model, which is the ultimate for any backyard or outdoor kitchen!

What are some of the best-selling components, appliances, finishes, and accessories that consumers are attracted to these days?

Hartwig: The new outdoor components we offer further enhance the 805 island experience. We have a granite-surfaced beverage center with a sink and out- door-rated refrigerator that blend perfectly with the islands; however, this product also sells very well as a free-standing unit. We also offer add-on refrigerator cabinets, and 45-degree and 90-degree corners.

What are some of the biggest advancements in outdoor kitchens over the past couple of years?

Hartwig: The big advancements in our islands are the granite finishes, the ability to be powered by natural gas or propane, lights, and black stainless steel (a nice change from the same old everyday stainless steel). Mobility, stylish designs, and an advanced modular system appeal to consumers.

What are a few of your strongest selling points relevant to product, service, warranty, dealer support programs, etc.?

Hartwig: We offer a limited lifetime warranty and carry spare parts of every single component of the grill, so we undertake to give the consumer 100% product support and back-up. We have some very exciting deals for the dealers when they buy for the first time, like huge discounts on display models and point of sale materials. It is our biggest ambition to make sure our dealers are looked after at all times and we make sure that selling our islands is an enjoyable experience. The margins we are able to offer the dealers are also very attractive. Mont Alpi is all about enjoyment, both in business and with our consumers.

What are some of the best store promotions and special events that specialty retailers/dealers can participate in with outdoor kitchens?

Hartwig: Mont Alpi is offering some very generous and exciting deals for dealers who order islands for the first time at HPBExpo in Dallas in March. Showroom display discounts and effective point of sale materials. Dealers can visit us at booth 413.

How best can manufacturers and specialty retailers/dealers help spur continued growth with outdoor kitchens?

Hartwig: Outdoor kitchens like the Mont Alpi Islands will continue to allow the outdoor island area of grilling to grow. As they say, Mont Alpi “ticks all the boxes” a dealer and consumer would be looking for when purchasing an island.


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