Innovative Hearth Products Announces New Marketing and Strategy Positions

Innovative Hearth Products Announces New Marketing and Strategy Positions

RUSSELLVILLE, AL -  Tom Krebs will be returning to IHP January 22nd as executive vice president for Sales and Marketing. Tom’s return provides a solid, knowledgeable, and experienced executive to drive business forward that requires no adaption or learning curve for customers or themarket.

Tom joined LHP in 2001 when Lennox Industries was struggling with the consolidation of the five companies they acquired. That experience along with the contacts and credibility Tom developed during this time in the hearth industry will help Tom and the Sales Team accelerate our future sales growth, new product development, and market position. Tom’s experience with the sales team will also bode well for rapid planning and revenue improvements.

Glenn Thomson Announced as New VP Strategy & Planning
With the return of Tom Krebs, Glenn Thomson will now pick up an important role for at IHP – vice president for Strategy & Planning, supporting efforts to rebuild the IHP brand and tradition of Innovation. Glenn’s experience working with Tom dates back to the LHP & FMI 2012 merger, and beyond. This long standing relationship combined with Glenn’s industry and company experience will help speed up our recovery in the marketplace, as well as realizing fast capture on sales opportunities.


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